A day trip.
Embark – sailing in the archipelago – conference and luncheon on board or in an inn – sailing - disembark. You can embark and disembark in different places. Alternative transportation to satisfy a tough time table can be arranged.

A race
Round Gotland Race, Round Öland Race, Baltic Marathon, 24-hours race, Åland Race and so on. There are several races to participate in.
Embarking – instructions and training – the start - the race – finish line – disembarking.

A 2-day conference/sailing
Day 1: Embarking – sailing to the conference utilitie in the archpelago – mooring at site. After noon conference - diner at site– lodging at site.
Day 2: breakfast – conference continous – luncheon – sailingling – disembarkment.

A weekend sailing
This activity can be altered in eternity. It can be adjusted to the weatherconditions and the guests ambitions.
Thursday evening: embarkment – lodging – dinner.
Friday: breakfast on board – sailing to the area of choice – mooring – dinner in a restaurant.
Saturday: breakfast on board - sailing to the outer archipelago– mooring in a natural harbor– grilled dinner.
Sunday: breakfast on board – sailing – luncheon stop – disembarkment.

What do You propose?
Please invite us for an open discussion and we will tailor an activity that fits Your needs.